Photographed by Hector Perez

Hey ya’ll! So this part of the website is very Personal and Intimate! It’ll include various experiences that I’ve had and some very personal stories or tips that I would love to share with you all.

To begin with I’d love to tell you about my day and give you a little more idea about the kind of life I live! I usually wake up around 8 am! If I have an early shoot, lets say at 9 am, then i wake up at 6:30 and start by meditating for 15 minutes! (Now i know a lot of you don’t meditate or probably think that its just a whole lotta sitting around and doing nothing but let me tell you, it really is the wisest decision I ever made! It has brought so much clarity to my thought process and I am less stressed and more relaxed throughout the day!) After that I write five things Im grateful for in my diary (best theraphy to stay positive) Then shower! I try leaving early,  just so I don’t have a panick attack during my train ride to work!! (Punctuality + NewYorkers= BestFriends)

Work is cool! Not your typical 9 to 5. I feel really grateful to work with various talented artists of the fashion industry who create art on a day to day basis! And I feel honoured that they display their art to the world, through me!  During shoots, I personally feel that its all about the energy you bring! It radiates, as soon as you enter the room! I work with many creative minds such as the designer, art director, photographer, fashion stylist, hair stylist, and make up artist! We’re all aiming for great pictures therefore there’s a pressure to bring the best we’ve got! During this time I try and focus on what the team wants and align my performance with their needs but at the same time I try not to take it too seriously because “you really cannot please the entire world” ! After 8 hours of work, lots of selfies in between, and ofcourse lunch in my robe its finally time to go home 🙂

Depending on how tired I am after shoot, I either go straight home or go to the gym! I love working out ! Its the best part of my day because it truly is my way of thanking my body! My body allows me to live the way I want to, and my way of being thankful is by keeping it healthy!

Later when I get home I cook myself some dinner! I love curries! Especially Spicy Potato and Onion Curry with Rice! Watch some Netflix! Lately I’ve been binge watching “The OC”. And I LOVE the show and am obsessed with Ryan Atwood! 😀

Before going to bed! I meditate again! It helps me empty my mind before sleeping! you should try!

Anyway! This is one of my typical days! ill write more tomorrow!! Maybe on a specific topic!

Good Night :*

Love Varsha