Photographed by Camila Gutierrez

Yesterday, I had a very long and tiring day ! It was almost 10 pm and I had waited atleast 15 minutes for the train to arrive at a station! When the train finally came, I got in and to my dismay, there were no seats available so I had to stand with a whole lot of angry NewYorkers who couldn’t wait to get home! And Truth be told, I can empathize with their trauma because New Yorkers are never alone! Most New Yorkers live with roommates because of how expensive it can get to live by yourself, therefore they’re surrounded by roommates at home! Commute to and from work, feels like being among a herd of sheep, trying to sqeeze your way out towards an opening, especially during rush hours! At work you see your colleagues and in my case newer people everyday, which is a bit better actually! Lunch time is a standard 12 to 12:30 pm so everyone leaves their offices at pretty much the same time, to stand in the line of a typical fast casual restaurant!

So where can one find peace? Now, this may come as a surpirise, but my answer is, you can find peace amongst the same people you are around! Amongst the same people you SO want to get away from! Amongst the same crowd of people you despise! Whether you believe it or not, we all live off of each others energy! The aura you transmit reflects on everyone you’re surrounded by and eventually comes back to you! So as I was standing in the train, holding onto the railing trying not lean on the agitated person standing 2 inches next to me, I heard a beautiful voice of a woman coming from behind me saying ” Miss, You are gorgeous! absolutely gorgeous” And yes, youre right, I instantly smiled, thanked the lady and forgot about all the things that were bothering me at that moment! It only took a compliment! A stranger’s expression of kind words had done the job 🙂 I was in a state of joy!

What I’m saying is that, it doesn’t take much to make someones day a little better than it was! A lot of people are infact, not having the best of day! Your single gesture of kindness can brighten their day! It can help them feel better about themselves! And you never know, it can even be the best thing they’ve heard all day! That lady didn’t have to express how she felt about me but she did it anyway because at some level she knew that it would make me happy! So the moral of my little story is Compliment more, be kind, be nice even if you dont know them, love more and express more. It takes lesser energy to be nicer than to be angry!

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Love Varsha :*